About M.W. Barker - M.W. Barker Photography

Perhaps at some point in the future I will draft an eloquent and profound Artist's Statement that will go here. For now, it's enough to say I enjoy taking photos of the places I go. And I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to go to some beautiful and interesting places.

That's not to say I travel a great deal. Nor do I visit exotic locales (though I would like to, someday). In fact, many of the places my camera and I go are rather ordinary. I like that. Noticing the beauty and the intrigue in places that few would call enticing is a big part of the joy I get out of taking photographs.

Of course, I  live in a part of the world that many do seek out for it scenery and topography, so the ordinary is not my only subject. Timelessly beautiful landscapes are ever before me.

Even so, I especially keep an eye out for those scenes where humanity and nature intersect. The breathtaking vista will include some houses, or a highway, or a railroad line. The mountain horizon I shoot may not always be devoid of cell towers. These things are part of the world we live in, and among my goals is to capture that sense of time and place we all carry with us, but too rarely have the chance to contemplate.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy the photos! — Matt

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